This blog aims to provide an overview of various topics in, and related to, the field of Indo-European languages, as well as interdisciplinary topics. Historical linguistics, mythology and culture are my main focus. My other passion is archaeology. Since the study of the Indo-European languages is not so well known as for example archaeology and genetics, my aim is to provide some insight in our work, and what we can achieve with it.

The Russian steppe, between Stepnoye and Chernorech’ye

I chose to create a blog, because I am often met with an expression of bewilderment when I tell people that I study Indo-European linguistics. Most people understand when I tell them “I’m a historical linguist”, but the words Indo-European seem to be something that anyone outside of academia has rarely heard of.

By creating an online platform that should allow me to communicate with the world outside of academia in a simpler but professional way, i.e., with references, I hope to bring our discipline closer to people who might be interested. This includes not only adults, but also to other generations, and everyone who is interested in prehistory and cultural awareness.

This blog includes more than languages: I introduce other disciplines we are and have been working with during the last years. There are myriad publications that include multi-disciplinary work, and I have had the pleasure to work in one of the fields myself, that of archaeology.

My plan is to update the blog regularly as new research comes out and to see how it evolves. I will carefully contribute my personal point of view, but I will always put an effort into providing facts and literature, to keep it professional.


A few tips:

All blog posts will be collected here, with the latest one to appear first.

If you are new to Indo-European linguistics and want to know more about the language family and it’s members, click here.

If you are interested in linguistic methodology, I provide an overview here.

A list over all literature used on this site can be found here.



Almost all the pictures on the blog are mine. For maps, other pictures, tables and cited literature, I provide a bibliography and / or links.


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